Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Q6 - Audience Feedback

 Class Feedback... (28th march)

Wow, that was interesting! We had a chance to be able to see how our class' mates react to our opening sequence.

The most common thing that came up was the music, the soundtrack. Most of them likes it, some loved it but some hated it. It was interesting to see different point of views.

Another thing they talked about a lot was the black&white sequence, which we used in order to emphasis the fact that it was a dream. Again, some loved it and some didn't like it. However, some didn't understand why it was there, which I think is a really bad feedback unfortunately. It's very important that the audience understands everything, and that nothing feels out of place.

Another thing our audience loved was the titles (both opening and the title of the movie). A good point for us because it took us quite a while to make the "wipe" effect wiping at the right time in order to make it seem it disappears as the character walks "into" it.

Audience Feedback... (5th April)


Yesterday, everyone doing media had a chance to see their films on the big screen, at The Screen On The Green (an independent cinema in Islington). We also got the chance to see other groups' work!

As you can see, there was a long queue in front of the cinema. In fact, there was 200 students in total! 200 students seeing our film... Wow. We started to panic...

After having a little chat with our friends and one of my group member, Marry (one of the media teachers, here on the picture) came at the front to congratulate us of our work. This was it! The show was finally starting, after 2 months' worth of work it was finally ready to be shown. Our first film, on the big screen...

The films weren't shown in any particular order (or it didn't seem to be anyway) so we couldn't really know when our film was going to be shown. We saw really good films out there, it was good to see other ideas being developed on the screen and to be able to "compare" our work with others'.

Wow, that was really funny. We expected everything, everything BUT people singing along the soundtrack! It was fun though, and it clearly showed that the soundtrack we used matched our target audience. As the film continues, I was getting a bit worried because when we showed our film to our class, some people didn't quite get the story... But when the memorial was shown on the screen, our audience became quieter. This definitely got their attention. When the memorial was then shown in between the magazines she threw on her bed, our audience had a really good reaction to it. They got it, this was a relief.

After the show, I interviewed a 3 people to ask them feedback about our film... (Even though they had a trouble remembering our film! It wasn't surprising actually because after viewing 45 films... You can't really remember everything!)

Some great feedback here, thanks to Ada, Vanessa and Evie! :)


  1. "After the show, I interviewed a few people to ask them a few feedback about our film... (Eventhough they had a few trouble remembering our film! It wasn't a surprise actually, because after viewing 200 films...)"

    Not 200 films, but around 45 :) 200 students were out there

  2. Woops! A bit of confusion there...
    Thanks for the correction! :)