Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question Six.

In order to find out what others thought about The Return, and to collect constructive criticism, so that we could improve our film making next time. Our thriller opening was shown to my media class, and they all wrote down their opinions of it. With this information, I was able to create a wordcloud on


On the 5th of April, all of As media went to the Screen on the Green to watch all the thriller openings. After watching The Return, I asked some of my friends a few questions about their personal opinions of it. 

Question one: What did you enjoy most about The Return, and why?
Albana: I liked that it was in black and white, because it made it interesting, it showed that it was a dream, and it made me want to continue watching it after it changed into colour.
Rahwa: I liked the soundtrack, because it was the instrumental version of a song that i know and really like. This made me interested, because I knew that people like me were the intended target audience.

Question two: What did you enjoy the least about The Return, and why?
Albana: At the start of the clip, some of the shots were too fast, like the panning, which meant that I couldn't see the mise en scene properly.
Rahwa: I didn't like that it was in black and white for most of it, because it made me feel quite sleepy and I also found it very dark.

Question three: What were your opinions on the story line of The Return?
Albana: I found it really interesting, but a little confusing at times- I wasn't sure what the storyline was until it was explained to me after.
Rahwa: I really loved it! I found it really creepy and interesting, and I wanted to find out what will happen to the girl, and if she is really dead or if she will die.

Question four: Do you think The Return was suitable for its target audience of teenagers? Why or why not?
Albana: Yes, because the character was a teen girl, so the audience would be able to relate to her. However, I think that it would only be suitable for older teenagers, as the storyline is quite confusing.
Rahwa: Definately, as the character is probably a lot like the target audience, as she is young and likes typical teenage things, such as magazines and makeup. The music and mise en scene also adds to this, as the song is a popular song.

Question five: How do you think the shot types and camera angles were?
Albana: I think most of them were good, such as the over the shoulder shot, but I think some shots were not very professional, such as the zooming in and panning
Rahwa: I think there was a very wide range of camera shot types used, which made it very interesting

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