Thursday, 17 March 2011

Analysis - Rough Cut of The Return

After a lot of rushing, in order to get the filming done, we finally managed to film what we needed. Today, we finished our rough cut. This DOES NOT reflect the final look of our opening sequence. It only contains the raw shots that we will use in editing. Therefore, you may notice that the sound isn't that great and you may found that the editing could be improved.

All the files we have to go through...

Hanifah is working on the titles (already?! Yes.) and trying to find an appropriate font.
When we arrived in the edit sweep, we saw that everyone kinf of started editing their opening sequence already, which made us panicking because we only just finished filming and we didn't do any editing yet. Once we had our hard drive and our memory cards, we tried to organise ourselves and to try and see which shot we will be using or not. This took us a long time to do because the shots from our two previous practices were on the memory cards, and it wasn't sorted out correctly so we couldn't directly know which files were the one to use. After a lot of laughter (we will keep the shots for an outtake!), we finally got ourselves organised and we made a start on our rough cut.

Rough Cut - Opening Sequence of The Return

While I was doing the rough cut, I had an instant of panick: WIll our opening title meet the timing imposed? ( more or less 2 minutes)

Luckily, it is a bit more than two minutes which means that it is perfect, considering we have to make some cuts and include the titles.

I think that our film is quite promissing and it made us all happy to finally see our film, coming together.

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