Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Animatic Of Our Thriller..

Today; 03.03.11 we finally set of to create the first stage of our thriller, which was the animatic. So instead of having a normal thursday media lesson, we asked Annabelle if it was alright to skip the lesson and create our animatic. She said it was fine!
So we set off straight to my house after we asked her. We didn't need any equipment from the technician because we had our own camera's.

As soon as we reached my house, we headed straight to my room (main location) and started!
We reviewed through our plan/idea and just got into action really.
Well not into action, but the pose for the camera !

                         The idea was to get a couple of different shots of the same pose, so when it comes to picking the really good/clear ones, we would have a range of pictures and angels to choose from.

( now thinking about it, wasnt the best idea we came up with because we ended up having loads of shots and plus we forgot to delete our previous work from the memory cards! So we had to go through all of them, which took quite a while )

Our storyline changed approximatley 3 times, therefore some pictures( not all )have to be replaced with different shots of our final opening.

We decided with this storyline, it would be difficult to create a sudden black out and get all the lightling correct. Thats why we thought we would change it to something much simpler and straightforward.

We took turns in taking pictures and using the camera.

These pictures are not in order of our thriller!!
Therefore it might look slightly confusing..

Now its time for us to start our actual filming !! Due to certain circumstances we were not able to start filming during the half term holiday, unlike some other groups. So we thought we might be a little bit behind, which we were indeed but managed to catch up eventually when we met up during lunch breaks and weekends.

I can't wait to start. the excitement is building. I hope everything goes well and according to plan. 

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