Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Finishing Touches Of The Opening Thriller- FINAL EDIT

Wow, all the hard work and stress is coming to an end, and now its time for everyone to have completed their opening sequence, do any last minute edit in order to post them up on the blog as the FINAL EDIT. Sounds simple enough but no it was the complete opposite as everyone was in panic and rush just to get everything sorted (exactly what my group was trying to do). The whole of the media department was chaotic and loud.

As today was our last 3 hour media lesson before the deadline Annabelle advised me and the group that its best if we completed everything including the titles + effects during this time and preferably workshop because we all know tomorrow is going to be even more packed and you may not even find a Mac available. So technically today seemed like a deadline for us, which built the pressure even more but I guess it wasn't as bad and was benificial for us. 

Playing about and testing different fonts.
Our ideas about how the titles should look like and how they should appear on screen kept changing, thats why it felt even more longer to choose the best one. I think my group had that feeling (at some point) when we felt like giving up. Myself, Hanifah and Max took turns in positioning the fonts, adding the shadows and other effects as it was quite long and tiring just to have your eyes focused on the screen especially when some features are tiny. So there was alot of sliding the mouse across the table to each other.
(This was all happening in the morning session, so the fact we were tired didnt help much either).

Choosing the effect for the opening 'dream' 

Again we looked at the various effects listed and played around for abit to test out which one would look or not. Their was many points you had to consider when choosing the effect for instance, whether it would work well with the whole outline and atmosphere or if its completley not with what your trying to show. The important bit was to make sure its visible so its easy for the audience to understand and comprihend.

 No idea what Max is doing sorry and Hanifah looks slightly bored! :)

Thankfully we had the media teachers and technicians nearby so if we wernt sure about an idea we could ask them to help.

Dan (the teacher shown) told us in the nicest way possible (i guess) that the font we just worked on and installed from the website 'dafont' looked slightly odd and didnt work aswell with the 'thriller atmosphere'. Instead it looked more towards the animation category. Although we did agree with him because we kept saying to ourselves something doesnt work well but could not figure out what it was. Therefore thank you Dan! 

Me and Max decided to do the font straight on Adobe Premier which was definetley a much simpler and straight forward programme to use. We decided to go for a more neutral font to avoid any complications and hassle like the previous fonts we used, so we decided to use Century Gofic.

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