Monday, 28 March 2011

Question Six


 Today's media lesson was very interesting and exciting as we were able to watch each others thriller openings!
At first when Bernard told us that this was going to be the motive for this lesson, as part of our evaluation, I started to get a little nervous. And to make matters better our group was the first to be shown. What a coincident right? 

After the whole class watched our opening, they had to write a little paragraph based on these two points;
- The Strongest Points Of This Opening
-How It Made You Feel 
( Include; Mise En Scene, Lighting etc )
Then as soon as all the openings in our class was watched, it was time for everyone to go back to the desk (in their groups) and review all the feedback's. To be honest I was looking forward to this part because It was the first time we showed our opening and I wanted to know what the audience thought of it; Good And Bad Points.

Overall I was really pleased with the feedback we received. The majority of the audience commented on The Good Choice Of Soundtrack, Editing, Colour And Title Appearance ( Of the thriller and credits ).
Although some feedback given were not as good as the ones listed above, I still appreciate the fact they mentioned it. As it makes you aware of what you have to look closely at next time, you come across editing/making a film/opening.

Baring in mind my group had a lot of ups and down when it came down to both filming and editing, therefore it was really good to see that the audience in our class thought 'the black and white effect' for instance was effective, when actually we weren't sure ourselves about the idea. So it was nice to know some of them understood the fact we were trying to show 'it was a dream'. 

I believe its very important for the audience to understand what is happening in a film or opening otherwise they remain clueless...

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