Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Return Opening Sequence (Final Edit)

Today was our last lesson before the deadline for our thriller openings and our blogs. You could feel the rush and the stress everywhere in the media department! Everyone were trying their best to finish off editing today. Our group managed to do a lot during this last lesson, including opening titles and last minute editing + effects. Said like this, it sounds like it could take you maybe 30 mins or 1hr but no! It took us 4 hours 30 in total! (9 - 14.30 without a lunch break!)

Working on the titles...

Adding effects...

Titles again

Hanifah, Sharmin and I started off adding the effects in. We spent a long time on that, as we didn't quite know what we were looking for at first. We were looking at some kind of effect that would make our audience understand that the first part is a dream. After some research, we found several effects that were suitable to that. First, we found something that would allow us to put a dark circle around the video. We thought it looked quite good, so we added a black a white tint to the first part of our video, to go with it. However, we asked for a feedback from a media teacher who said that that first part was too dark. Therefore, we decided to take off the black circle and to keep the black and white tint.

Rendering... It's cooking!

We then moved on the opening titles. At first, we tried to do somehing on LiveType. However, the process was long and not that straight foward. We ended up being "fed up" with it and we rushed to finish it. After asking feedback, we were told that the font did not match with our film. Therefore, we decided to re do the opening titles all over again. This time, Sharmin and I did it straight on Adobe Première and we found it easier to do. We chose the font Century Gothic, because it is a lot more neutral than the other font we used. We added effects to the title "entrences", and after fixing a slight sound problem on the City & Islington College jingle (the sound of the clip was in mono, while the rest of our film was in stereo) we finally finished our film opening!

Opening of "The Return"


I think that our opening sequence was quite good, taken in mind that we had to rush to finish it. I must say I'm quite glad it is over, eventhough I will definitly miss filming and editing. It was quite stressful and after changing our storyline 3 times, we started to loose confidence and we started to panick. Then we started to find meeting up a bit of a trouble because everyone has different timetables and other work to do! But we felt reassured when the teachers and people from our class, but not only, got the story and found it good! It gave us back the energy we lost.

However, I think that the film would have been better if we had more time to film and to edit.
On Tuesday 5th April, we will find out how it will look on the big screen, as our film openings will be shown in a real cinema! I can't wait to see how ours, but also the other film openings look like!

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