Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Art Of The Title Sequence

We discovered the website 'Art of the title sequence' which contained various types of clips and movie sequences.

Our task was to choose a title sequence that appeals to me and copy it onto my blog to write a short analysis on it... 

Some areas i had to comment on were;
* The style of the titles it self
* What the title says
* What it is about this title sequence that appeals to me
* The lack of images 

The aspect that grabs my attention the most is the sound used. i think its very effective and sharp. It definitely goes well with the theme of the film. In fact it actually makes me want to watch the whole film. 

The colours are very bold and straight forward. The two standard colours combined together brings a more dramatic, scary climax. 
Another point I have noticed when watching the opening was the quick snap shots and cuts of the images. Its like a quick flash. 

the title 'Dawn OF THE DEAD' is focused in the middle of the screen. And the point when it 'Splashes' gives it a more ''chilling'' affect like its blood being thrown at you. 

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