Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gummy Bear Animatic 1/2

As we are getting closer to our ACTUAL thriller opening, we are taking part in a number of task that would help us get use to filming and learn more techniques and skills each time !!
This lesson we weren't told to write a plan on a storyboard, Instead we had to make an Animatic using Gummy bears. So we had to position each gummy bear as if something is happening and take a still photo. And the next lesson we have we were going to make a film and have actors acting rather then gummy bears!

Below are some (not all) snapshots the animatic..

After we had finished taking pictures, we then moved into the Editing Suit to put all of our pictures together to make the ANIMATIC
So we looked over all our pictures, chose the best ones, and moved them into Final Cut Pro.
In order to make the animatic run fast, we had to shorten the time each pictures is going to take.

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