Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Camera Skills.

Before we begin to film our actual thriller film opening, we have to learn how to use the cameras properly, and gain confidence in using them. this is so that when we come to filming our real thriller openings we can make them as best as they possibly can be. The media technician Micky showed our class the basic skills of using the video cameras. 

We were shown:

How to insert the two memory cards
How to adjust light levels
How to change focus, in order to variate between soft and hard focus
How to safely remove the battery and turn the camera off
How to safely attach the camera to the tripod
How to use the tripod for panning and other things.

Micky also advised us on different camera techniques, so that our films would looks as professional as possible. He advised us to not follow the actors with the camera as they travelled across the scene, to take a few takes of each shot, in order to gain optimum results and finally to use a wide variation of shot types to make the film as interesting as possible.

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