Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Intro To LiveType..

In this lesson we were introduced to Live Type. We learned each stages as the technician explained and showed us. He demonstrated all different types of fonts and the adjustments you can do to it; like Change colour, size, overlap one letter over another, what position you want it to appear and much more. It was an engaging lesson to participate in and I simply couldn’t wait till I had the chance to try-it-out myself.

Before being introduced to live type, we were completing the edit of our ‘Gummy bear animatic, in action’ (I think),so Bernard told us to add Titles and sound as appose to what we just learned. I really enjoyed using live type because there were many various features and fonts to use. So you could make the title/credit specific to what you want. This is a great advantage to have when it comes to the real thriller.

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