Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Planning our Pitch

The whole idea of the Pitch is to know what your thriller is going to be about and to be able to present it to everyone clearly but not in too much detail .. so it doesn't give away the whole film. 

*The task was to put all the information we have into one creative slideshow!*

As my group already planned the main ideas of our thriller opening in the previous 3 hour lesson, we actually covered most of the points above. Therefore all we done was decided who's going to cover each point and complete a slide on them in our own time. And when we get together, we'll look through them all and put them together and organise it. 

The points im going to cover are;
1) The Title Of Our Movie
2) Planned Location & Location Shots (As its my house)
3) Preliminary Ideas About Sound

Now, although I created my slides abit last minute and emailed it to Max late, we managed to put them together. But just be certain of it and make any changes if needed, me and Max decided to go libary the next morning before lesson! 
(turns out we were allowed to stay in the libary until after break)

Here Im Working On Our Pitch, Setting Up A SlideShow On Powerpoint!
 you can see Bernard giving his 'ususal' lectures at the front. !

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