Thursday, 24 February 2011

Creative Film Making !

Today I oraganised my media folder (Finallyyyy). I sepreated all my work into 3 main categories;
Music, Tv Drama & Thriller Coursework. So anyway as I was going through my papers, I came acorss one of my handouts Annabelle gave. It was called 'Creative Film Making'. I thought I might aswell read it, seen as its just sitting in my folder and besides we are in the process of making a thriller opening, so maybe this might be usefull to read. 
Turns out i was Right ! It was.

There was so much explicit details, that I thought I already knew about. Also the person who wrote this, seem as if their talking directly to you and giving you advice. Thats why I didnt feel as if Im just reading a boring old article.. 
Im definetley going to dicuss what Ive learnt from reading this to my group, as I really think it would help us acheive the best goal in our opening. Here is what the sheet looks like; 

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