Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Structure Of Thriller Openings

In film openings there are 3 basic structures;
* A narrative opening with titles running through
* A discrete title sequence
* Titles over a blank screen,followed by the narrative opening

A narrative opening with the titles running through, is when we are taken straight into the film. Maybe start of with an establishing shot and slowly into the characters, while the opening titles are showing ontop of the image/s. A great example is;

A discrete title sequence is when the titles of the film are seperet from the narrative voice. In contrast to 'Panic room' for instance. An example would be;

 I find this type of opening,very effective. Especially 'seven' becuase its portraying images in a quick flikr, then to a blank screen with titles. This keeps the focus on the titles aswell as the images. 

Title over blank screen,followed by the narrative..
Well its pretty much explained in the title. And the good thing about an opening like this, is that your focused more on the music/sound becuase u dont have no images or scenario's to engage on. Therefore it makes the music/sound significant to the opening.  


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