Friday, 4 February 2011

The filming of "The Death" + Outtakes

Hey! During our last lesson, we've been busy filming our second trial project. We did the storyboard using Gelly Babies, now we had to do it for real...

The Death behind the scene...

I think it went pretty well, and we certainly improved from our first filming. We knew what we were doing, but we also stayed flexible on the angles and dialogue we wanted to add. I think we had some great scenes, such as the match-cut of Sharmin, going through the door and we had a nice tracking shot of her running to get some water (Although we filmed this sequence around 15 times!).

However, "The Death" isn't available just yet; we just finished the video editing. During our next lesson, we will add sound effects and credits, so stay tuned!

But in the mean time, I have a little present for you! The outtakes of "The Death" ! Have fun. The explanation is below...

  1. Hanifah, who is meant to be dead (Sorry Hanifah), is having a chat with a friends. (And doing her hair, as usual!)
  2. I do not know why we have this to be honest, as Robert was filming this sequence, but Sharmin seems to be having a laugh :P
  3. While we nearly nailed the filming of this sequence, a guy walks in the shot!! Unexpected, and very weird. We had to wait for about 5 mins for him to go away!!! Thank you very much if you're reading this :-P
  4. No comment on that one! Sorry Sharmin... ;)
  5. While Sharmin is playing her role, Hanifah bursts out laughing!
  6. I was trying to set the angle and zoom right for this shot, but I didn't realise it was still filming! While Sharmin is giving me ideas for the shot, I have noticed that the camera was recording. "Oh shit!" as I said... 
  7. I think I didn't give Sharmin a good "warning" of when I was going to start filming, she was a bit surprised. I think that's why she is laughing!
  8. While Sharmin is acting, Hanifah comes back from the death (again?!) and laughs at Sharmin, not knowing what to do... Nice one!
  9. Oh god... We filmed this sequence about 15 times to get it right!!! Sharmin had to run to the water fountain, but to get the scene more "energetic", we decided to follow Robert's advice: Sharmin had to hit the table. However, as we did it 15 times... Well, she had to hit the table 15 times! When she reaches the wated fountain, she was meant to drop the cup, to emphasise her panic. However, the cup felt in the sink! It flopped. She had to hit the table, another time... ! Well done Sharmin, and sorry!
  10. Once she had the cup, she had to run back and throw some water on Hanifah. However, it looked a bit... well, fake!
  11. I was taking a while to set the camera up, and I didn't warn Sharmin properly when I started filming. Surprise surprise!


  1. Hahahah, this is well funny guys :D
    it was a great idea putting it up like that, LOL.

    Thankfully the table scene didnt leave me with a bruise