Thursday, 10 February 2011

Planning our ACTUAL thriller

In today's lesson we had 3 hours to plan our Thriller Openings. 
Yes, i know what your thinking.. Thats sooo much time to plan a 2minute opening. 
But trust me, 3 hours did not seem enough. There are a lot of things you have to consider and share with the group. 

Here are a list of things we had to think of:
* The Idea Of Our Opening
* The Title- font, size, layout/position
* Mise en Scene
* The sound
* Camera shot-types and angels

So here we started of with the idea..
And as you can see, our plan just kept growing..
Now, At This Point We Covered Most Areas; The Idea,Title,Setting,Mise en Scene

the final production of our plan !
We asked Annabel to photocopy it for,so we each have a copy.. But it never came out exactly how we pictured. Single A4 Sheets,Black&White. 
So It Wasnt As Pretty Like This One.

During this time, we had planned out almost everything we need to know about our film. There shouldn't be no confusion the next time we review it. 

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