Thursday, 10 February 2011

Gummy bear animatic in action 2/2

1 week ago, in Bernard's lesson we were set the task to create the actual production of our gummy bear animatic we did the previous lesson. It was quite simple and fast to be honest, because we had everything planned out, we knew exactly what was going to happen.

Again, this was a great experience as it gives us more knowledge and understanding of filming and editing. Which builds our confidence and skills for the real thriller !!

What the film is about ?

Sharmin, the main character walks into the room questioning why Hanifah is not ready yet. She then notices how Hanifah is still 'sleeping'. After calling her name several times, theres no answer. A cup drops out of Hanifah's hand and as Sharmin bends down to see what she had drank. She is astonished by what she smells.
Sharmin then runs to the water fountain and runs back with a cup full of water, senselessley she chucks the whole cup of water on her face! There is yet NO sign of movement from Hanifah.
Slowly Sharmin drops down on her knees and cries upon Hanifah's hand.

Below is the final video edited with sounds and credit..  Hope u enjoy it !

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