Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Bag Swap Clip.

Before we begin filming our thriller opening, we must try to get as much experience with directing, editing and using cameras as is possible, so that everyone in our group is 100% comfortable with the tasks that lay ahead of us.

In Bernard's single lesson we were given as short, uninteresting film to shoot about two people swapping a bag. Our task was to make the short scene as interesting as possible, and in keeping with the thriller theme. We were given a storyboard with 12 or so frames on it, and we had to plan our short film on it, to film in the following lesson.

We planned to use a wide range of short types, to make it as interesting as possible. Some of these shot types included: 

Over the shoulder shot
Extreme close up
Mid shot
Point of view shot.

To contribute to making the scene part of the thriller genre, we also planned to film our scene in a dark location, to give it an air of mystery and suspense.

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