Monday, 24 January 2011


During our last media lesson with Bernard, we were adding sound to our videos. It was a great chance to experience and try out different sounds/music to find something that works well with the piece. The MAC computers had a wide range of sound or pieces of music to chose from. Literally anything you thought of, you were bound to find it !! Which was a major advantage. 

At this point we were putting together some sounds we wanted to use in our shots. At the same time we watched the video too, so it was easier to see whether it worked well or not. Some of the sounds we chose were either to fast or slow. For example, we used the sound of ''Footsteps'' but as we watched the video it seemed like the footsteps were not on time with the video, it was at a faster pace. Although It WASNT as obvious! However we didn't take it into much consideration as this is just a ''practice run''. As long as we had some sort of sound added on our video, we were safe. 

Finally, after all the sound/music was added to our videos and there was nothing  else for  us to change, it was  time for us to upload our videos onto blogger!  Now In order for us to do this, we had to compress our video files so we were able to upload them without haven't to wait a long time.
However the whole process of compressing our files was very long and indeed CONFUSING. Even though we had a technician guide us through step-by-step in how to do this, I still got lost. 
At the end we managed to complete it and post it up on our blogs.  

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