Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thriller Sub Genres - lesson 2

There are several types of Thrillers, including Action (Tron Legacy), Supernatural (6th Sense), Psychological (Inception), Crime (No Country For Old Men), Romantic (He Loves me, He loves Me Not)...

This video is the opening of the film “He Loves me, He Loves Me Not” (A La Folie... Pas Du tout), a French thriller film. The sub-genre is romantic, clearly identified by the roses and the use of pink in this opening. Several shot types have been used, such as close ups when she is looking at the roses but also mid shots when she is looking at the shop window. Long shots are used when she is on her bicycle. The sound is peaceful. At the beginning, when she carefully chose a flower, we can hear water noises but also birds. We then move onto the dialogue between the lady and the man,  both of them seem to be happy and in a good mood. The music used soon after is happy and represents love. The Mise En Scène features a lot of red (red cloths, red flowers...), a flower shop and another shop representing love (with a lot of “heart” items). It is sunny.
This film is a romantic thriller; suspense is therefore created in another way than inaction thrillers, for example.  In this opening, we do not know for who this rose is, and the fact that she insists on getting this one flower delivered shows how important this person is. This makes you ask questions. It therefore keeps the audience’s interest.

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