Thursday, 6 January 2011

Intertextuality Of PSYCHO

What Lies Beneath


'' PSYCHO ''
Aspects Borrowed..
-Both scenes are taken in the bathroom. What lies beneath contains the bath overfilling with hot steamy water, and as she looks in, she is STUNNED by another reflection of her !!
-Similar surrounding of colour;-- WHITE/PALE

Aspects Borrowed..
-Similary again, the scene takes place in the bathroom. In the opening of step father, hes in the bathroom ''Changing his appearence''
-MES of steam, water etc
-He casually makes his toast and drinks water. So at this point the audience wernt expecting something to happen Or Show. But We Were Wrong!!, Drawn to dead bodies..
--> the tilted camera to show this, made the whole concept much more dramatic.
-A consicious flashback comes into his head as he is about to leave.

Aspects Borrowed..
- The intence Stabbing that grabbed the attention happened in both Succubus and Psyco and coincidently in the shower.
- This student thriller included a uncanny school girl, going into a bathroom as she unties her hair. Unusually, she smells the coat hanging on the hook very intensively, then brings out a knife from under her t-shirt. Bizzarley rubs the knife against herself. HOW STRANGE?..
-She opens the shower door and starts rapidly stabbing the boy inside. Obviously were not allowed to use a real knife or blood, so the different shots of her stabbing made it MUCH more realistic. And you notice how you dont actually see the knife going in the body.

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