Thursday, 20 January 2011

Introduction to camera

On Bernard’s lesson, we were introduced to the cameras. 

I couldn’t wait to get hands on the camera and learn how to use it... 

This lesson was very interesting. The technician came in to show us all the relevant functions of the camera and how to fix it on the tripod.

We started off with the basics, such as how to install the battery, the SD cards, switching it on, how to record and zoom. We were then told how to fix it securely on the tripod, and how to safely move around with the camera and the tripod. After that, the technician explained to us more advanced features, such as manually focussing the lens.

Finally, we finished the session with some safety rules. We were told that students once filmed on railway lines, which is prohibited by law. They were risking their life, while doing this, and the examining board decided to reject their film. It is really important that we know what we are doing, and make sure we are in a secure environment. We were also told that the cameras worth more than £2K... Which actually made us realise, how careful we will have to be when filming. I don’t think I will have much trouble using the camera, I am pretty confident. I can’t wait to film our opening!

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