Thursday, 27 January 2011

Looking into the audience...

In the process of making a film, you have to look at what audience it will aim at. Why? Because it needs to appeal to that audience! Also, it will help you to respect the BBFC guidelines.

But usually, you can guess. For example, you would know for sure that romantic films will NOT  get the interest of men. And you would know as well that Sci-Fi is not really a girl thing.

But when I go to the cinema, I generally see women and men watching Sci-Fi or a bit of romance!
 Well well well. It's true, and thanks to the studios! Today, most films tends to have several genres! For example, in every action movie you will have a bit of romance.  And that's because they want to have a wider audience.

 However, as we can see, there was only 31 Thrillers/Suspense movies in 2009 (UK) and 323 films in total. Weird, isn't it? But that's because they tend to mix the popular genres. Therefore, they are categorised as action movies.

52% of the bow-office in the UK, in 2009 was action, comedy and animation movies. This doesn't surprise me, as they are part of the widest target audience.

The BBFC have different ratings for films, according to their content in violence, sex or even the appearence of drugs or guns. This limits the target audience of films.

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