Saturday, 22 January 2011

Practice 'Film Making' Task.. '' The bag swap ''

T H E T A S K-
After we had the 'introduction to camera', which by the way was very interesting. You had the chance to learn about new features on the 'Big' camera, which some poeple may have already known but still, it was fun to practice out filming, making the lighting correct, getting a shot without it being blury etc.
So we were given the task to create a short interesting clip with a minimum of 12shots to do with a specific theme. Our group had  'The Bag Swap' . It had to include 
Our first reaction   to this, well MY first reaction was- ''Okay that seems simple enough to make, it should be really easy!'' So we started planning , thinking about where we would film, what each shot would be about and who will be acting.  Bernard (our teacher) gave us a storyboard in order for us to draw each state of the clips. BUT  as  a group we decided that the storyboard wont help us much and that were going to improvise and make each shot as it comes because that works better for us, so we never filled it in!!

We Had Our Ideas Written Down..Just Not In Storyboard Form
'' As You Can Tell.. ''



At this point, neither of us could wait until the next lesson when we put our words into action !!

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