Thursday, 6 January 2011

Suspenseful Moments; 'The Step Father'

1. What happens in the scene?
2. What makes it suspenseful?

Example 1; At the very beggining we are drawn to an ''electrician'' in a car that is pulled over outside the house. He has a clipboard on him that shows the list of appointments and the appointment for this house has been cancelled. This suggests a significant part of the film, otherwise why would you show it, right. It makes the audience question why the appointment was cancelled and why they decided to show this part imperticular in the very beggining.

Example 2; The Stepfather was in the bathroom doing the usual, shaving and washing his face. But what I found questioning was the fact the camera showed his Razors, scissors, ''Sharp tools'' etc in a very effective way also known as a smooth PAN. Alongside the fact he was changing his appearence, shaving, placing contact lenses also changing the colour of his hair slightly. 

Example 3; We are shown the family all dead on the floor, in different parts of the house. The camera tilting to show this gave me a more 'Chilling' effect and a great shock. The piece of music that was playing was an unusual slower version of Silent Night. A major confusion in my mind. Why would a murderer decide to suddenly play 'Silent Music'. 

Which aspects of this film might influence your own film?
Personally the two main aspects that struct me most and I would definetley use in my own film as a guide was; Use Of Camera Work AND Sound/Music.
They made the film more dramatic !!

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