Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis - "Momento"

 The production / distributing company is Newmarket. It was introduced by their jingle, then by “New markets presents...”. This allows the distributing company to present themselves and be recognised by the audience (certain audience have preferences over the distributing company, as certain ones are better for certain genres).

 In this title sequence, the following is shown, in this order:
  • Distributing company
  • Team Todd Production
  • Stars
  • Title - Appears on the screen longer than anything else.
  • Actors
  • Casting Director
  • Music by
  • Costumer Designer
  • Editor
  • Production designer
  • Director of Photography
  • Co-Producer
  • Co-Executive Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Producers
  • Screen play + Author of the short story (which the film has been based on)
  • Director - The most important person is shown last.

The title of the film appears after a few names of stars. It stays on during the transition between the black screen at the start of the opening sequence.  It’s appearance is a lot longer than any of the preceding or following information that appear on the screen.

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