Saturday, 22 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres.

My Definition Of Genre; 
--> A specific category of Art, Literature Or Music/Film. Genre has an open meaning, it can relate to many different aspects. Its much simple and easier when you know exactly what your researching. For instance I'm looking at '' Thriller '' Sub-genres which has various answers to it, the list could literally go on. Below are the most common ones: 

** Romantic Thriller - Twilight 
** Comedy Thriller - Lady In Cement
** Action Thriller - Death Trance
** Supernatural Thriller - Inception,What Lies Beneath
** Crime Thriller - The China Lake Murders 
** Psychological Thriller - The Sixth Sense
** SCI-FI Thriller - Infected


This video link is the opening of the French Thriller film ''He loves me, he loves me not''. Which falls under the Sub-Genre ''Romantic Thriller''. 
Even if I hadn't mentioned the sub-genre, anyone could immediatly guess, judging by the first appearence, images,colour and the mood on the character. The pace also gives the answer away. 

We are first drawn to a slow start on red roses, a big bunch of them. Then It slowly zooms out to show more bunches of different flowers/roses. At this point were given the calm, peaceful feeling of romance. And the fact that the character is introduced with a cheerful face and smile, were told its 'happy love' and not anything devastating.  

Moreover, there is an interesting Mid-Shot of her carefully choosing a single rose out of the bunch. Which shows that the person recieving the rose is extremely important to her and 'deserves the best'. 
I guarantee now that you've watched the video link, your thinking how this is to do with 'Thriller' right? That was the reaction for many people at first but then you come to conclusion and think maybe that was perposly done by the director. 
In order to hook the viewers and make them think '' Oh I wonder what will happen next?..''

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