Monday, 24 January 2011

The filming of "The Bag Swap" + Outtakes

We studied all the type of shots, angles, we watched so many openings, we had an introduction to the camera... Now, it's time to film for real! And I must say, it was a great experience!

Hanifah was responsible for the camera and Sharmin and I were the actors. We were given a sheet, at random, with what to do on it. We had to film a bag swap with a tracking shot, close up, mid shot and a point of vue shot. The aim of this exercise wasn't for us to practice our acting, it was more about the camera itself, how we could make this "boring" story interesting to watch. It was a nice challenge to do, but I still think we were quite lucky as other groups had to film someone reading a newspaper, for example!!!

So there we are, trying to find a location. At first we tried to film at the lower ground floor, in front of the drama place. However, we didn't succeed as the area was closed due to examinations taking place. We had to move further back, however the place wasn't very good. So we decided to change the setting, we went to staircase C.

Once we started filming, it was great! Sharmin and I tried to give Hanifah advice on how to film each scenes. But I must say, it wasn't as serious as you could imagine...

After that, we edited the video and added sound effects to our film. However, while browsing through the sound effects, some of them were too fast (footsteps). We weren't sure how to slow it down. When we asked our teacher, he said it wasn't the most important thing yet as it was just a practice...

The Bag Swap - Final

I think that the main problems were the number of shot we had: 48! Mostly due to our laughter and the change of location. We realised that it was too much, so we will have to try to keep it down next time.

Taking of laughter... Here's the outtakes!! The explanation is below guys ;)


  1. First shot, always a fail! I tried my best to stay serious but I just couldn't!!
  2. I wasn't expecting Hanifah to come that close to my face, it looked so weird we burst out of laughter
  3. Guys, keep looking on the right!!! I was filming a point of vue shot of myself, walking towards Sharmin. However, I didn't notice we could see Hanifah in the shot!!! Hanifah, stop texting!!!! :-P
  4. While Hanifah was following Sharmin to flm the point of vue shot, she didn't put her hand properly and couldn't manage to film the scene properly... Stop zooming!!!!
  5. It was good enough, until Sharmin said "Shit!" 
  6. Then again, Hanifah doesn't seem to be disturbed by the filming and she's peacefully doing her hair!
  7. Over the shoulder shot of the bag swap... But I looked like I wanted to kill Sharmin!!! Sorry Sharmin...
  8. Same scene, Sharmin was trying her best not to laugh but managed to make me laugh!!!
  9. We were all ready to film, Sharmin gave us the signal... But actually, she didn't. She tried to wave to tell us to stop, she also tried to "shout"? But it sounds like a hamster!!! Hanifah and I burst out of laughter...
  10. Ahh, the bag swap again!
  11. Filming a point of vue shot while going up (or down...) the stairs is difficult, as the way we did it couldn't allow us to see where we were going...!
  12. Same again, my turn this time. Going down actually terrified me! I accidently (by reflex) looked down... Perhaps a bit too much!!!

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