Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction To Cameras

We were shown by one of the technicians a presentation of the Key Elements on How To Use A Camera..

It was an interesting way to learn, because as he showed us on the board what he was saying, he also demonstrated it to the whole class on the actual camera. 
Below are some of the main points I remember:

*How to use the tripod and placing the camera securely
*How and where to insert the memory cards
*What to do when the camera shows 'low battery'
*How to record a shot via many different techniques and skills.

To practice with these type of camera's we were given a short task in making a video to do with one of the following scenarios:
-The bag swap
-Reading the newspaper
-Playing cards
By looking at the list, you can imediatley tell how boring each scenario sounded. Thats why it was our job to make it interesting and better !! 

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