Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Suspenseful moments of "The Stepfather"

 3 Suspenseful Moments


Example 1
At the beginning, the Stepfather goes down to the kitchen with a packed bag. He switches on the music player, with what it seems a slower version of “Silent Night”, which triggers our attention. He then goes to the kitchen, prepares a few slices of bread with peanut butter. He eats them and drinks his cup of tea/coffee with tranquillity. As he walks towards the living room, the camera suddenly starts to tilt on the side to reveal the dead chid, on the table. As the camera tilts, the music suddenly changes to a more terrifying theme. We then discover the whole family, dead, and his tools, full of blood, in the sink. The tilting and the sound (music) made this moment suspenseful.

Example 2
When the Stepfather is outside the cat lady’s house, he notices that she is staring at him, convinced that he is the wanted murderer. He drives on in his car. We then follow the cat lady, giving most of her attention to her cats. The doorbell rings, we think that it will be the stepfather. However, no one is here. The camera, placed at a low angle, shows the intrigued cat lady, closing her door. Suddenly, a cat jumps and screams right in front of the camera, which makes us jumps. The false plateau was very effective in this scene.

When the young teenagers are making out, the young female seems intrigued by the door, which is slightly open. We start to worry. The guy goes out to check, shouts out loud to check if anyone is in the house. No one seems to answer, silence. This silence makes the scene more stressful. Suddenly, the stepfather appears and scares the teenagers (and the audience!) by his unexpected arrival.

 2 Aspects that will influence my film...
I think that the main aspects of this film that really impressed me was how the camera was used, and placed to make normal scenes unusual and stressful. But the most important to me was the use of sound (through either the sound effects or the music). These two aspects really influenced this film, and will definitely influence mine.

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